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Sake sommelier of the year

12-11-2013 | Category: England Competitions News Japan

All the results from yesterday's competition in London

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Diverse influence

11-11-2013 | Category: Beers News

Ilkley's latest beer inspired by Rye n' Dry, the classic American whisky drink, and roggenbier, the German beer style

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Going once...

08-11-2013 | Category: Sparkling News Champagne

Rare old vintages of Moët & Chandon to be auctioned next week

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Dry-led Venues

08-11-2013 | Category: Business

With the growth of informal eating, there’s no shortage of bar owners looking at food-driven venues. But it’s not without risks. Laura Foster looks at how to ensure you don’t bite off more than you can chew

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Trainspotter porter

07-11-2013 | Category: Beers England News

New rail-inspired beer from Box Steam guaranteed to give you locomotive breath

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The new masters

06-11-2013 | Category: England People Wines Australia News Belgium

Three sommeliers pass the tough MS exams recently in London

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Wine List of the Year 2013

05-11-2013 | Category: England Competitions Events People Wines News

The low-down on last night's award ceremony for this year's Wine List of the Year winners

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A first for Zacapa

04-11-2013 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Venezuela News

Venezuelan rum brand launches its first vintage limited edition

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Paging Goldilocks

01-11-2013 | Category: Business Sparkling News

Armand de Brignac launches new bottle sizes that are just right

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Come Wine With Me: Series 2 John E Fells

01-11-2013 | Category: Tastings Matching Competitions Wines

With food from one of the UK’s hottest chefs and a string of good wines to choose from, John E Fells & SOns was optimistic of high scores this issue. Chris Losh joined the team of judges to see how the merchant got on second time around

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The Martini Files

01-11-2013 | Category: Cocktails

The Martini has survived the indignities of being made with vodka, mis-ordered by James Bond and the dark, Dayglo days of the 1980s. Naren Young looks at the mysterious origins of what is arguably the coolest cocktail of them all

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California Rethink

01-11-2013 | Category: North America Wines

Reckon that California’s wines are too expensive, too alcoholic, too oaky and impossible to pair with food? Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong, says Anne Krebiehl as she meets the producers and sommeliers doing great things with the Golden State’s wines

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01-11-2013 | Category: Business

Time was, if your business needed money, you went to the bank. Now you stick a video online and hit social media. Richard Woodard looks at the pros and cons of crowdfunding

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Ice Ice Baby

01-11-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails

Ever thought that ice could be working a bit harder for its pay cheque? Kate Pass talks to those bartenders who are using the frozen stuff to add flavour as well as chill to their creations

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Martin Lam

01-11-2013 | Category: People Business

Over 30 years as a chef-patron, Martin Lam has seen booms and busts, glitzy openings and high-profile failures, and any number of trends come and go. Chris Losh finds out how he did it – and what he thinks of the current UK on-trade

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