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Over the Rainbow

01-03-2015 | Category: Wines South Africa Magazine

There’s an energy and excitement in South Africa’s wine world that’s causing even hardened cynics to rethink their attitude. Chris Losh takes the yellow brick road in search of some vinous wizardry

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Dubiously Infused Vermouth

01-03-2015 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails News Magazine

Everyone, it seems, is having a go at creating their own vermouths. Clinton Cawood stocks up on botanicals, sugar and cheap wine to put the various methods to the test

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Michael Butt: More ingredients won't save a drink

01-03-2015 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Opinions People

Time to look at some of the numbers behind our fad for over-indulgence

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Hamish Anderson: Burgundy shouldn't follow Bordeaux's example

01-03-2015 | Category: Bordeaux Burgundy Opinions People Wines

The world’s most sought-after wine region needs to beware the example of Bordeaux

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Faces of 2015

01-03-2015 | Category: Competitions Events People Magazine

With stellar views, great booze and an A-list of who’s who, the on-trade once more gathered in London to toast its own at the 2015 Personality of the Year Awards. Andrew Catchpole reports back from the celebration of this year’s winning industry stars

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Get set for summer

01-03-2015 | Category: Business Service News Venues

OK. We know that we’ve only just hit spring. But if you want to cash in on lazy sunny evenings, you need to start planning now. Gaëlle Laforest discovers how to deliver a five-star outdoor drinking experience

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Calling the Shots

01-03-2015 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails News Venues Magazine

Shrinking your drinks doesn’t mean sticky fluro shots that your customers will want to forget. Laura Foster examines the growing trend of the classy micro-Martini

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Blanded by the Light

01-03-2015 | Category: Service Wines News Magazine

There’s an everyday threat to wine that’s more insidious than you ever imagined. Don’t go towards the light, says Clinton Cawood

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Ready to Rumble

01-03-2015 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tequila Magazine

Which spirit category would win in a straight fight: rum or tequila? More importantly, wonders Clinton Cawood, what luchador mask would each one end up wearing?

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The shape of things to come

01-03-2015 | Category: Rum & Cachaca

What does Bacardí, the world’s biggest-selling rum brand, do when it decides to redesign its bottles? Refer back to its impressive historical roots… And call in the big guns of the bartending world, of course

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World Class last chance

01-03-2015 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Competitions

Entries closing soon for the second burst of World Class 2015 entries

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Masters of the Mule

01-03-2015 | Category: England Vodka Competitions Russia

PROMOTION: Russian Standard’s cocktail competition is back for a second year, and is bigger and better than ever.

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Brew a Beer for Summer for Imbibe Live!

01-03-2015 | Category: Beers Competitions

Inspire the Imbibe Live audience with your take on a summer ale and win a seasonal listing at The Draft House

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Vintages & Variation

01-03-2015 | Category: Wines News Magazine

With rain and flies in abundance, 2014 was far from being a great year for winemakers across the Northern Hemisphere. Simon Woods charts the winners and losers around Europe and North America

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Perfect 10

01-03-2015 | Category: Beers News Magazine

With the end of the beer tie nigh, all licensees may be able to stock what they want. Ben McFarland asks four beer-loving tapsters to share their 10 must-stock brews

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