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Building a Better Beer Business Part 4: Are You Being Served?

01-09-2011 | Category: Beers Opinions Business

Bringing a bit of imagination and energy to the way you serve beers needn’t be time-consuming or expensive. Ben McFarland pulls in a few top tips from different bars around the world

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Asahi Molecular Masters:

01-09-2011 | Category: Beers Competitions

Fancy yourself a molecular magician, an ace of the atomiser, a smoke-infusions superstar? Then join the Asahi Molecular Masters 2011 and show your colours

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Tour Britannia

23-08-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Beers Europe Wines News Ciders

Susanna Forbes, founder of tours the country's best drinks producers

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Vertical brews its own

11-08-2011 | Category: Beers England USA News

Leeds-based craft beer importer tries a bit of DIY

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Who wants to be a millionaire?

03-08-2011 | Category: Beers England Business News

Sharp's brewery receive massive cash injection from parent company Molson Coors

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You be the judge

15-07-2011 | Category: Beers News

Learn how to evaluate beer in half a day

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Brewed in Britain

01-07-2011 | Category: Beers

Just because most lousy beers tend to be lagers doesn’t mean all lagers are lousy. Or even foreign. Ben McFarland calls in a panel of experts to put the offerings from the growing number of British microbrewers to the test

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Beer Guerilla: Battle of the Beers

01-07-2011 | Category: Beers People

Will Beckett heads to the biker-metal-‘n’-goth institution, the Intrepid Fox, and rounds up a hardcore, tattooed panel to taste hardcore, high-strength beers. And yes, he is wearing a cardigan…

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Building a Better Beer Business Part3: Brew it Yourself

01-07-2011 | Category: Beers Opinions Business

Brewing your own beer can be an excellent way to create something unique and give your outlet an instant edge over the competition. So get with the BIY, says Ben McFarland

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Food for thought

01-07-2011 | Category: Beers Matching

Following a hard day at the Sommeliers v Bartenders challenge, some of London’s finest liquid luminaries converged on Bumpkin for an enlightening evening of matching British beer with food

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An excellent vintage

09-05-2011 | Category: Beers England News

The UK's first vintage beer list is at Michelin-starred Quilon in London.

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Does my beer look good in this?

01-05-2011 | Category: Beers

It’s time to reconsider the traditional pint measure for beer. Almost any other glassware is a better bet,as Ben McFarland explains

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Will Beckett is... Beer Guerilla: Brewed in the USA

01-05-2011 | Category: Beers Tastings Opinions

Will Beckett dons his beret, clicks the safety catch off his tinnies, and barges into two very different American outlets to put six US beers to the test

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Small batch Sierra for UK

12-04-2011 | Category: Beers USA News

Vertical Drinks has secured a small batch of Sierra Nevada’s limited-release Hoptimum IPA.

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A day in the life for Asahi

15-03-2011 | Category: Beers News Japan

Japan's number one beer now has its own bar in the Royal Albert Hall.

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