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Introducing St Stefanus

01-11-2011 | Category: Beers News Belgium

Miller Brands add Belgian abbey beer to portfolio

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Building a Better Beer Business Part 5: Golden Oldies

01-11-2011 | Category: Beers Opinions Business

It’s not just wine that can ‘do’ ageing. Ben McFarland looks at how the revival of vintage beers can bring something new to your drinks offering

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Beer News: Analysis

01-11-2011 | Category: Beers News

The increasingly heated cask v keg debate has put CAMRA in an uncomfortable position, says Ben McFarland

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Beer Guerilla: Let us Brew

01-11-2011 | Category: Beers Opinions News

Will Beckett gathers his robes to put Trappist beers to the test. in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti...

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Beer book of the year

19-10-2011 | Category: Beers News

The authoritative, comprehensive Oxford Companion

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Something for Santa

17-10-2011 | Category: Beers News

A seasonal beer list from James Clay

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McEwan's and Younger's sold

04-10-2011 | Category: Beers England Scotland News

Two Scottish ale acquisitions for Wells and Young's

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Match pint

27-09-2011 | Category: Beers England Matching People

Ilkley Brewery and Harrogate chef draw up beer and food-pairing chart

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Antlers away...

09-09-2011 | Category: Beers Scotland News Venues

BrewDog launch a 28% beer. Poured from a moose head. Naturally

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Asahi Molecular Masters:

01-09-2011 | Category: Beers Competitions

Fancy yourself a molecular magician, an ace of the atomiser, a smoke-infusions superstar? Then join the Asahi Molecular Masters 2011 and show your colours

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Beer Guerilla: Best of British

01-09-2011 | Category: Beers Tastings Opinions

His original plan foiled by looters, Will Beckett calls in his very own A-Team to a secret underground lair (the decidedly un-secret Hawksmoor) and kicks off his very own beer-based Battle of Britain

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Building a Better Beer Business Part 4: Are You Being Served?

01-09-2011 | Category: Beers Opinions Business

Bringing a bit of imagination and energy to the way you serve beers needn’t be time-consuming or expensive. Ben McFarland pulls in a few top tips from different bars around the world

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Trappist Beer: Monky Business

01-09-2011 | Category: Beers News

We all know a bit about trappist beers. But what’s their history, why are there so few and why are they nearly all in Belgium? Ben McFarland breaks his vow of silence and talks us through his abbey habit

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Tour Britannia

23-08-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Beers Europe Wines News Ciders

Susanna Forbes, founder of tours the country's best drinks producers

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Vertical brews its own

11-08-2011 | Category: Beers England USA News

Leeds-based craft beer importer tries a bit of DIY

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