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Hamish Anderson: Burgundy shouldn't follow Bordeaux's example

01-03-2015 | Category: Bordeaux Burgundy Opinions People Wines

The world’s most sought-after wine region needs to beware the example of Bordeaux

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Tasting Room: Chablis

16-01-2015 | Category: Burgundy Tastings White only News

Hopping and tasting from bank to bank

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Bourgogne Wine Week

09-01-2015 | Category: Burgundy Tastings Events Wines News

A full week of Bourgogne-themed celebration starts on Monday

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Hamish Anderson: Rediscovering Southern Rhône

01-01-2015 | Category: Burgundy Opinions Magazine

With Burgundy priced off most lists, maybe it’s time for us to revisit our dirty little secrets

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Dynamite in small packages

30-01-2014 | Category: Burgundy Wines News

Sommeliers talk Burgundy 2012 en primeur

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Burgundy 2011

01-05-2013 | Category: Burgundy Wines

At its best 2011 Burgundy is a good vintage for the on-trade: elegant, drinkable and expressive. But more than ever it pays to know your producers… and to be on good terms with your bank manager. Tim Atkin MW treads warily

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Mornington or Meursault?

01-09-2012 | Category: Burgundy Tastings Wines Australia News

10 years ago, you could tell an Aussie Chardonnay from a Burgundy at 20 paces, but nowadays, with much more linear wines from Down Under it’s not so easy. Clinton Cawood mixes things up and asks a team of trembling tasters for their thoughts

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01-05-2011 | Category: Burgundy Red only Sommelier Wine Awards 2011

With a general lack of great available vintages to call on, this was a category that polarised the opinions of the tasters

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Breakfast wine promo ruled irresponsible

01-04-2011 | Category: Burgundy Wines News

Advertising watchdogs have banned a Corney & Barrow ad publicising a 'Beaujolais breakfast' offer.

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The New Noir

01-03-2011 | Category: Burgundy

Burgundians will tell you that you can’t grow decent Pinot outside Burgundy. A blind tasting of 100 examples from the around the globe suggests otherwise, says Clinton Cawood

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True to hype

01-03-2011 | Category: Burgundy People Red only

Could the enthusiasm about the latest Burgundy release be warranted this time? Clinton Cawood buttonholes some sommeliers at the January tastings and finds reasons for genuine excitement

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Classical education

01-11-2010 | Category: Burgundy Tastings

With the 2009s likely to be stupidly expensive, it could pay to know your way around 2008 white Burgundy a bit better. Chris Losh watches as a team of tasters get to grips with premier cru and villages wines from a ‘traditional’ vintage

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Beaujolais harvest down

06-10-2010 | Category: Burgundy Wines News

Growers in the region have slashed their yields for 2010 after the demand for Nouveau wines plummeted over recent years.

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Berry good book

22-09-2010 | Category: Burgundy Wines News

Jasper Morris MW has distilled nearly three decades’ experience of buying and selling Burgundy into a book

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Crus Control

01-05-2010 | Category: Burgundy Wines

With zillions of producers, huge variations in quality and high prices, Burgundy can be a minefield for the sommelier. Louis Villard quizzes the experts to find out where they go to pick up bargains

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