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Funkin bought out

05-02-2015 | Category: Purées & syrups Other mixers & soft drinks Business News

Irn-Bru owner AG Barr buys the cocktail mixer brand

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Juiced up

03-06-2011 | Category: Europe Other mixers & soft drinks Business News

Fruit juices to take the edge off the morning after

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The ice is right: Making an effort on your ice can bring dividends to your bar business

14-01-2010 | Category: Water Opinions Business

Spending all that time and effort on the perfect cocktail ingredients, then using half-melted, chlorine-infused ice is as ridiculous as putting a nodding dog in a Porsche. Time to tune in, turn on and chill out, says Alice Lascelles

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Cocktail lab: Tony Conigliaro shows four young bartenders some high-tech tricks

13-01-2010 | Category: England Vodka Whisky / Whiskey Cocktails Tonic water Purées & syrups People Business Liqueurs

What makes Tony Conigliaro’s cocktails tick? Alice Lascelles took a group of inquisitive bartenders, armed with ideas, to his new cocktail lab to find out...

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The world according to... Reed Paget, founder of Belu bottled water

23-12-2009 | Category: Water People Business

Over a glass of (tap) water, Alice Lascelles finds out what makes the founder of award-winning environmentally sound bottled water brand Belu tick

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