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Dry-led Venues

01-11-2013 | Category: Business

With the growth of informal eating, there’s no shortage of bar owners looking at food-driven venues. But it’s not without risks. Laura Foster looks at how to ensure you don’t bite off more than you can chew

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Martin Lam

01-11-2013 | Category: People Business

Over 30 years as a chef-patron, Martin Lam has seen booms and busts, glitzy openings and high-profile failures, and any number of trends come and go. Chris Losh finds out how he did it – and what he thinks of the current UK on-trade

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Talk of the Toon

31-10-2013 | Category: Business News Venues

New restaurant, Peace & Loaf, opening in Newcastle

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The price is right

30-10-2013 | Category: Business Sparkling News

First Drinks Brands ducks out of supermarket discount wars

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Get social

21-10-2013 | Category: Opinions Business Service News Venues

Three ways to use Pinterest to promote your bar

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Full steam ahead

14-10-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails England People Business News Venues

Nick House's newest venture, Steam & Rye, to open in the City with Andy Mil behind the stick

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Get social

10-10-2013 | Category: Opinions Business Service News Venues

Four ways to get the most out of Instagram for the on-trade

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Get social

03-10-2013 | Category: Opinions Business Service Venues

Part two in our series on how to make social media work for your venue

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Port of call

30-09-2013 | Category: England Business Scotland News Port Portugal

Amathus announces exclusive distribution rights for Porto Cálem

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Get social

25-09-2013 | Category: Opinions Business Service Venues

3 easy ways to manage your social media platforms and boost business

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Fizzing over

23-09-2013 | Category: Business Sparkling News

The sparkling wine bubble shows no sign of bursting

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A first for First

18-09-2013 | Category: People Business News Liqueurs

Rod Eslamieh named as brand ambassador for Disaronno, Tia Maria and Isolabella

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Making a difference

17-09-2013 | Category: Europe Business News

New report shows positive impact of the hospitality industry in Europe

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Come one, come all

03-09-2013 | Category: England Business News

Shoreditch's Ace Hotel to include restaurant and bar named Hoi Palloi

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'You are feeling thirsty...'

01-09-2013 | Category: Business Service News

Bookending, nodding dogs, guided selling, mirroring… Alice Lascelles learns how basic psychology could help revitalise your patter, your cocktail list – and your profits

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