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Once you pop

19-05-2014 | Category: White only Australia News Chardonnay

Hardys enters the trendy wine bar market, temporarily

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New Sensation

01-05-2014 | Category: Austria Chardonnay

With whites ‘like Chablis’ and reds ‘like the northern Rhône’, there’s plenty for the on-trade to get excited about in Austria’s newest DAC. Julie Sheppard checks out the minerality on show in Leithaberg

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The Fog On The Vine

01-05-2013 | Category: Chile USA Tastings Opinions Chardonnay

Fog, rolling in from the Pacific, tempers the relentless sunshine of California and Chile and allows them to make elegant white wines. Clinton Cawood joins a bunch of sommeliers as they get to grips with some misty Chardonnays

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Weight and C: Australian Chardonnay

01-05-2012 | Category: Australia Chardonnay

For 10 years, lumpy, chunky Aussie Chardonnay was the girl that nobody ever wanted to date – but the slimmer, more elegant post-millennial version is starting to turn heads. Why, Miss Jones… you’re beautiful, says Simon Woods

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01-05-2011 | Category: Chile USA White only Australia New Zealand South Africa Chardonnay Sommelier Wine Awards 2011

Plenty of medals again for Chile, although the judges were most impressed stylistically with Australia and South Africa

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Australian Chardonnay masterclass

11-02-2010 | Category: Tastings White only Australia Chardonnay

Australia’s key white and red varietals have come a long way over the past 10 years, with some very definite differences from one region to the next. Chris Losh sits in and watches as a team of sommeliers learn to tell their Margaret River from their Adelaide Hills

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Sommelier Wine Awards 2009: New World - Chardonnay

02-02-2010 | Category: South America North America Australasia White only South Africa Chardonnay Sommelier Wine Awards 2009

Plenty of decent bottles and very few dogs meant that our tasters were positive about New World Chardonnay, though genuine excitement was in short supply

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Back from the grave: Beaujolais returns from its '80s purgatory

22-01-2010 | Category: France Tastings Red only Chardonnay Gamay

Written off as dead and buried after the Nouveau nightmares of the 1980s, Beaujolais is back from the grave and ready to party, says Sarah McCleery

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More than a Malbec: Matching Argentine wines with food

21-12-2009 | Category: Argentina Tastings Matching White only Chardonnay Malbec Viognier

There’s more to dining out in Argentina than rare steak and big reds. Our sommeliers pick out some of the food and wine matches that caught the imagination on their recent trip

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Best served Chile: We taste some of Chile's new cool-climate wines

17-12-2009 | Category: Chile Tastings Red only White only Chardonnay

Chile’s growers are moving ever closer to the Pacific Ocean in search of wines that offer elegance as well as ripeness. Louis Villard joined a crack team of sommelier tasters to put the country’s new cool-climate credentials to the test

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Matches made in heaven: Argentine food and wine matches

17-12-2009 | Category: Argentina Matching Red only White only Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay Malbec Viognier

Our four sommeliers select the food and wine matches from their trip that really set the Argentine heather alight. David Williams reports

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Wine Matching Masterclass, Part II: How to match wine and meat

17-12-2009 | Category: Germany Burgundy Rhone Argentina Chile Matching Red only White only Sparkling New Zealand

In the second of our three-part series on the basics of food and wine-matching, Hakkasan’s wine buyer Christine Parkinson tells us how to go about pairing wines with meat

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