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Belle of the ball

22-04-2015 | Category: Cocktails News Cognac

A redesign of Courvoisier’s core range is coming

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Going, going, guano

13-04-2015 | Category: England Gin Cocktails News

Like Bathtub Gin wasn't sufficiently mental...

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Michael Butt: Order from the menu

01-01-2015 | Category: Cocktails Opinions Business Magazine

The trade’s tendency to order classic cocktails prevents progression for everyone

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First venue for The Cocktail Trading Co

08-12-2014 | Category: England Cocktails News Venues

The CTC Development Bar & Table will open in January

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Now Forager

01-09-2014 | Category: Cocktails News

Native herbs and plants are a great way to jazz up your cocktail offerings – and they’re free, too, if you know where to look. Laura Foster talks to foragers about how you can have the moon and the stars

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In the Shaker: Chancellor

01-11-2013 | Category: Cocktails

It’s time to doff our caps to the Chancellor, whose scandalous fall from grace Tom Walker is trying to rectify. But which whisky will get this classic out of the red and back into the black?

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The Martini Files

01-11-2013 | Category: Cocktails

The Martini has survived the indignities of being made with vodka, mis-ordered by James Bond and the dark, Dayglo days of the 1980s. Naren Young looks at the mysterious origins of what is arguably the coolest cocktail of them all

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Britain gets its rocks off

03-07-2013 | Category: England Gin Vodka Cocktails Other hot drinks Competitions People Sparkling News Liqueurs

Jesse Estes triumphs in the Great British Shake Off

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Imbibe Live Day One

03-07-2013 | Category: Beers England Gin Vodka Whisky / Whiskey Rum & Cachaca Cocktails Competitions Events Wines

Rounding up the highlights from day one of Imbibe Live

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Cuppa with a twist

13-05-2013 | Category: England Cocktails Tastings Scotland Liqueurs

Tea time is getting a little boozy

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Taste of Bo London

23-04-2013 | Category: Cocktails Business News Asia Venues

Mayfair -based fine dining restaurant now offering cocktails and dim sum

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Read between the limes

03-10-2012 | Category: Cocktails News

Tom Sandham launches World's Best Cocktails book

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Herbal Recall

01-07-2012 | Category: Cocktails Tastings Wines News

Crucial to so many classic cocktails, vermouth is on the up, with a raft of newcomers adding interest to established classics. Clinton Cawood joins a team of bartenders to take a look at what the category has to offer

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In the Shaker: Smokin'

25-06-2012 | Category: Cocktails

what is it about the flavour of smoke that’s so seductive, asks Marcis Dzelzainisi

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The naked bartender

04-05-2012 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Cocktails Competitions Scotland

Maxxium UK launch cocktail competition to find the perfect serve for The Naked Grouse

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