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Tasting Room

14-02-2014 | Category: France Spain Tastings Matching Events Wines News

Our top wines from this week's Hallgarten and Jascots tastings

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The future of fizz

20-01-2014 | Category: Tastings Matching Events Sparkling News Champagne

Renowned chef Joël Robuchon predicts champagne will be enjoyed as a food wine more than an aperitif

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Tasting Room

07-06-2013 | Category: Tastings Matching News Champagne South Africa

Some top SA wines, and a little champagne too

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The sweetest win

17-04-2013 | Category: France England Matching Competitions Events People Wines News

The UK snags the Dessert Trophy in this week's European final

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The sweetest thing

17-10-2012 | Category: Languedoc-Rousillon Matching Wines News

The Wines of Roussillon Dessert Trophy UK final

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A grand old time

20-09-2012 | Category: Matching Sparkling News Champagne

Moët & Chandon launches 2004 Grand Vintage

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Dom Pérignon rises to the challenge

08-12-2011 | Category: Matching Sparkling News Champagne

Holograms, vintage champagne, and some great food matches - the launch of Dom Pérignon 2003.

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