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Burgundy 2011

01-05-2013 | Category: Burgundy Wines

At its best 2011 Burgundy is a good vintage for the on-trade: elegant, drinkable and expressive. But more than ever it pays to know your producers… and to be on good terms with your bank manager. Tim Atkin MW treads warily

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Tasting Room

19-04-2013 | Category: France Italy Spain Tastings Opinions Wines Australia New Zealand News

Some top-notch bottles from Carte Blanche Wines

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The sweetest win

17-04-2013 | Category: France England Matching Competitions Events People Wines News

The UK snags the Dessert Trophy in this week's European final

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Champagne Reign

12-04-2013 | Category: France England Competitions Events Sparkling News

Searching for the UK's greatest fizz educator

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Day of Lillet

11-04-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails France England USA Events Fortified News

Maison Lillet is launching a day dedicated to the apéritif

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Ding ding, round two!

26-03-2013 | Category: Competitions People Service News Champagne Sherry

Semi-finalists for the Moët UK Sommelier of the Year 2013 announced

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Top of the class

29-01-2013 | Category: Competitions People Sparkling News Champagne

The Champagne Bureau announcers winners of Champagne Scholarship 2013

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Classic collaboration

22-01-2013 | Category: Bordeaux Wines News

The Bernard Magrez portfolio on show in London, at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

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Dessert absinthe

16-01-2013 | Category: France News Liqueurs

An unexpected line extension from La Maison Fontaine

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Degrees of separation

01-01-2013 | Category: Tastings Sparkling Champagne

We know that serving fizz chilled is crucial but is there an optimum temperature and can a few degrees either side make that much difference? Julie Sheppard heads to Champagne to find out

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Lacking in fizz

18-12-2012 | Category: Sparkling News Champagne

Champagne sales to stay flat

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Prestige, by the glass

11-12-2012 | Category: Business News Champagne

Matthew Clark's prestige fizz promotion

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Absolutely Cracking winners

11-12-2012 | Category: France Wines News

Our mixed-case winners

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Brandy by the book

28-11-2012 | Category: France People News

A new book dedicated to armagnac has hit the shops

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Not so fine wines

27-11-2012 | Category: France Germany Italy Spain Chile Wines Australia New Zealand News

Annual wine report paints a gloomy picture

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