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Single-estate spirits

02-07-2012 | Category: Gin News

Master of Malt's new terroir-led gin range

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Chasing our Tails

13-06-2012 | Category: England Gin Vodka News Liqueurs

Yet another pop-up, er, pops up. And this time it's a collaboration between Chase Distillery and Harvey Nichols

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06-06-2012 | Category: England Gin News Venues

Oxfordshire hotel, The Feathers, breaks Guinness World Record for its 161-strong gin collection

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Give it some English

28-05-2012 | Category: England Gin News Venues

Gin, as far as the eye can see

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Spicy Snappers

16-04-2012 | Category: England Gin News

The gin classic gets a British makeover

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Pick a style, any style

01-03-2012 | Category: Gin Tastings

Since gin regained its cool, not all that long ago, the new launches have been relentless, as has the emergence of new styles within the category. Clinton Cawood joins a panel of bartenders to try to make sense of it all

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The spirit of the times

09-12-2011 | Category: Gin News

A collection of contemporary gin drinks

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Holy solo botanicals

29-11-2011 | Category: England Gin News

Single distillates and label redesigns for Sacred Distillers

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Bombay hits the road

16-11-2011 | Category: England Gin News

The Bombay Spirits Company Flavour Experience

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A load of hot air

14-10-2011 | Category: Gin Events News

Hendrick's celebrate London Cocktail Week with the Cucumbrella Cup

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Old-school gin

03-10-2011 | Category: Gin News

A new cold-compounded gin produced from copper pot-still spirit

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Cocktails and comfort food

23-09-2011 | Category: England Gin Business News Venues

Russell Norman and Richard Beatty to open fifth London venue

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The Miller's Tale

22-08-2011 | Category: England Gin News

Martin Millers gin gets the Juniper Society treatment

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Back to its roots

16-08-2011 | Category: Europe Gin News

Dutch gin, Sloane's, launches on UK market

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The Imbibe Debate: Gin

01-07-2011 | Category: Gin Opinions

A hot category, gin has seen plenty of innovation of late. But is the drink in danger of losing its personality in the process? Clinton Cawood asks two industry figures for their views

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