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Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Fizzy

01-05-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Matching Sparkling News

Purists may sneer at them, but sparkling cocktails can work wonders for your cocktail list. Naren Young falls under their spell

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Tasting and Matching: Rum and Chocolate

01-03-2013 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings Matching

Top rum and great chocolate. What better way to make the most of that under-exploited after dinner moment?

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Kings of bling

01-11-2012 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Mixers & Soft drinks Tastings Matching Wines News

You can’t really be a celebrity nowadays without your own brand of hooch. Clinton Cawood joins an Imbibe panel on the red carpet as they rub shoulders with the rich and famous...

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What weekdays have been waiting for...

20-07-2012 | Category: Tequila Tastings Matching News

Soho's El Camion introduces Tequila Tuesdays

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Tasting & Matching: Blended Scotch Whiskey

01-05-2012 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Tastings Matching

You’ll rarely find a back bar without at least one blended whisky on its shelves – so why is so little care and attention paid to choosing the right one? Clinton Cawood redresses the balance with the help of a panel featuring some of Leeds’ best bartenders

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Hip to Sip

01-01-2012 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails France Tastings Matching

There’s a battle going on for premium position on the digestif trolley, and it’s one that doesn’t favour the little guy. Our panellists strike a blow for the underdog with a flight of 15- to 20-year-old Armagnacs. Clinton Cawood report

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Absinthe: The Mighty Louche

01-09-2011 | Category: Cocktails Tastings Matching

Another day, another new absinthe brand...After years of promising to be the next big thing, absinthe’s time may have arrived. Clinton Cawood gathers a high-alcohol-tolerance panel to put a dozen to the test

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Flor and Order: Tasting and Matching Sherry with Food

01-01-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings Matching

An extreme matching challenge proves that sherry really is the best food wine on the planet. Surely it’s time restaurants woke up to the fact, says an impressed Chris Losh

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Rebellious spirit

13-08-2010 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Matching News

Pernod Absinthe has teamed up with The Rebel Dining Society, and the match is a decidedly compatible one.

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Dish of the day

26-02-2010 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Matching News

The chaps at the bijou London Cocktail Club have been experimenting with culinary cocktails paired with a little something to eat on the side.

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Mixing up the menu - food and cocktail matching

20-01-2010 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Matching

Matching cocktails with food is a growing trend across the Pond, but it’s a concept that’s still got a way to go over here. Alice Lascelles visits one go-ahead London establishment that’s getting a taste for it, and is pleasantly surprised by the results

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Rice and easy: The complete guide to sake and shochu

07-01-2010 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings Matching Opinions Japan

From the East they came. Strange. Strong. Threatening. Made of Rice (and some other stuff). Yet were saké and shochu the monsters they first seemed? Clinton Cawood donned his cape and entered their underground lair

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