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Duty free, the old-fashioned way

07-12-2012 | Category: Mixers & Soft drinks England Whisky / Whiskey Scotland News

A new on-trade serve from The Balvenie

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When you wish upon a sour

04-12-2012 | Category: Mixers & Soft drinks England News

Wishbone opens in Brixton, with a deceptively long cocktail list

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Kings of bling

01-11-2012 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Mixers & Soft drinks Tastings Matching Wines News

You can’t really be a celebrity nowadays without your own brand of hooch. Clinton Cawood joins an Imbibe panel on the red carpet as they rub shoulders with the rich and famous...

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A Zeo cameo

23-08-2012 | Category: Mixers & Soft drinks England News

The non-alcoholic drink takes over Shaker & Co's basement

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Gosling's goes ginger

23-07-2012 | Category: Mixers & Soft drinks Rum & Cachaca News

Rum brand launches own ginger beer to make the perfect Dark 'n' Stormy

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Rocking a rebrand

19-04-2012 | Category: England Water News

The name Malvern is finally back on spring water bottles

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Tired? Listless?

09-03-2012 | Category: Other mixers & soft drinks News

Coca leaves: great for everything

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Someone with sparkle

28-10-2011 | Category: Water People

Become the face of Perrier

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A towering achievement

06-09-2011 | Category: France England Purées & syrups Competitions

Winner of UK Monin Cup to compete atop the Eiffel Tower

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In the Shaker

01-09-2011 | Category: Mixers & Soft drinks Cocktails Opinions

Give liqueurs and cremes some love and you’ll have the classics licked, says Marcis Dzelzainis

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Tasting & matching: Premixed Cocktails

01-09-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Mixers & Soft drinks Tastings Opinions

Premixes are the Vauxhall Astra of the barworld: as sexy as corduroy, but practical? Hell yeah! Nushi Wijewardena and a team of bartenders put a stack of time-saving contenders to the test.

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In The Shaker

01-07-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Mixers & Soft drinks Opinions

Enough of the historical stuff – here are some fresh ideas to get the bartending ball rolling, says Marcis Dzelzainis

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Juiced up

03-06-2011 | Category: Europe Other mixers & soft drinks Business News

Fruit juices to take the edge off the morning after

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