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Vodka Exceptionelle

14-08-2014 | Category: France Vodka News

Grey Goose's cognac-vodka headed to the UK in spring next year

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Italian gold

11-07-2014 | Category: Beers Italy Vodka Sparkling News

Liquid Gold brings new vodka, beer and prosecco to the UK

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Spotlight on vodka

10-06-2014 | Category: Vodka Opinions Business News

It's easy to overlook the flavourless stuff

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Former legend

30-04-2014 | Category: England Vodka News Russia

Emporia stops imports of Russian vodka

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Distill east

06-03-2014 | Category: England Gin Vodka Whisky / Whiskey News Venues

London's latest craft distiller, East London Liquor Company

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Life's a peach

19-02-2014 | Category: France Vodka News

There's no stopping Cîroc when it comes to new flavours

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What if vodka never happened?

08-10-2013 | Category: Vodka Events News

BBFB's Leanne Davidson dares to ask where the drinks industry would be without the clear stuff

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They're with the brands

20-08-2013 | Category: North America England Gin Vodka Whisky / Whiskey People News Bourbon

Introducing Master of Malt's new agency, Maverick Drinks

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Collateral damage

08-08-2013 | Category: Vodka News Russia

Russian vodka boycott hits non-Russian vodka brand

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Britain gets its rocks off

03-07-2013 | Category: England Gin Vodka Cocktails Other hot drinks Competitions People Sparkling News Liqueurs

Jesse Estes triumphs in the Great British Shake Off

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Packed with flavours

19-03-2013 | Category: England Vodka News

Smirnoff adds another to the range

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Join the Q

04-03-2013 | Category: England Vodka News

Quintessentially's first spirit

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Bland awareness

01-01-2013 | Category: Vodka News

Vodka’s obsession with purity and bling over character and substance has alienated many bartenders. However, now even on-trade cynics are starting to admit that newer offerings can bring some colour to the party, says Alice Lascelles

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Lab coats and cocktails

15-08-2012 | Category: England Vodka Competitions New Zealand News

Team East London triumphed in last night's 42Below Cocktail World Cup final at Floripa

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An Ace up Britain's sleeve

13-08-2012 | Category: Vodka News

Break out the Union Jack bunting! A new British vodka is coming to the on-trade

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