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Down Mexico Way

01-05-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings Opinions News Mexico

Oaxaca’s smoky spirit is making some serious in-roads in the UK bar scene. An Imbibe panel threw on their ponchos and went out to see what the category has to offer. Clinton Cawood joined them

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Top Guyana : Putting the Caribbean country back on the rum-lover's map

01-03-2010 | Category: South America Rum & Cachaca Opinions

The time has come to put Guyana firmly back on the rum-lover’s map, says Alice Lascelles, as she heads off to South America in search of adventure

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Rum deal: Central and South America's rums rival their more famous Caribbean counterparts

23-12-2009 | Category: South America Rum & Cachaca Opinions

Rum is not just about the Caribbean, says rum ambassador Ian Burrell – Central and South America have quality and heritage that easily rival the famous rum producing countries to the north

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