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Sommelier Wine Awards 2009: Italy - Chianti

02-02-2010 | Category: Italy Red only Sommelier Wine Awards 2009

A good performance from Italy’s most famous region, with the more traditional styles tending to win out over more modern interpretations

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Sommelier Wine Awards 2009: Italy - Barolo

02-02-2010 | Category: Italy Red only Sommelier Wine Awards 2009

It ain’t cheap, but Barolo still has the capacity to make our sommelier tasters drool. And argue about the correct style, of course...

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Sommelier Wine Awards 2009: France - Bordeaux

02-02-2010 | Category: Bordeaux Red only Sommelier Wine Awards 2009

Fewer entries than last year, but some very, very good wines with real character kept our sommeliers more than happy

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Sommelier Wine Awards 2009: Varietal Classics - Australian Shiraz

02-02-2010 | Category: Red only Australia Sommelier Wine Awards 2009

Big wines and big prices abounded here, and although there were some worthy winners, our tasters would generally have preferred both wines and price tags to be smaller

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Pinot envy: Tasting & Matching New World Pinot Noir

27-01-2010 | Category: Tastings Red only

Wherever it sets its gaze, Pinot Noir inspires devotion. But just how is it faring in the New World? Imbibe’s judges found a dynamic scene, with improvements, surprises and some disappointments along the way. Susanna Forbes reports

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Back from the grave: Beaujolais returns from its '80s purgatory

22-01-2010 | Category: France Tastings Red only Chardonnay Gamay

Written off as dead and buried after the Nouveau nightmares of the 1980s, Beaujolais is back from the grave and ready to party, says Sarah McCleery

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The spice of life: Sommelier Wine Awards - Shiraz

19-01-2010 | Category: Tastings Red only

New World Shiraz was one of the hottest sections in this year’s Sommelier Wine Awards. Chris Losh talks to judges and sommeliers to find out the secrets of the category’s success

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The beautiful south: Pinot from Patagonia

19-01-2010 | Category: Argentina Opinions Red only

Windswept and low-lying, with chilly nights, Patagonia is very different from Mendoza. And as Tom Cannavan discovers, its cool climate is, not just good for penguins, but for Pinot Noir too

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Across the Bordeaux: A round-table discussion about how the region is perceived

15-01-2010 | Category: Bordeaux Opinions Red only

A round-table discussion between top UK sommeliers and owners of cru classé Bordeaux about how their region is perceived threw up plenty for the French to think about. Chris Losh takes a look at an evening that put the chat into château

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Herbal remedy: A guide to growing herbs, essential ingredients for cocktail

13-01-2010 | Category: Gin Vodka Rum & Cachaca Tequila Cocktails Purées & syrups Other mixers & soft drinks Opinions Red only Port

Scented, flavoursome and adorned with beautiful flowers, herbs are an essential ingredient for any cocktail list this summer. Alice Lascelles digs deep...

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Que Syrah, Syrah: Tasting New World Shiraz

11-01-2010 | Category: South America North America Australasia Tastings Red only Asia Africa

New World winemakers love Syrah, so it was a surprise to find such scepticism among our sommelier tasters beforehand. But was there foundation for their fears? Clinton Cawood reports

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Bordeaux Patrol: Tasting the best under-£20 clarets

04-01-2010 | Category: Bordeaux Tastings Red only

Everyone knows it for its fancy first growths, but can Bordeaux deliver where it matters most to restaurants? A team of West Country sommeliers joined Imbibe’s Chris Losh to put a flight of sub-£20 clarets to the test

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Matching Malbec: The argentine red pairs with more than just beef

17-12-2009 | Category: Argentina Matching Red only Malbec

There’s more to Malbec’s food matching potential than just steak…

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Pasta masters: Matching pasta and Chianti

17-12-2009 | Category: Italy Tastings Matching Red only

Which style of Chianti is best with food, those with international grapes, or those that are 100% Italian? Chris Losh joins a team of tasters to put Italy’s best-known to the test

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The tao of Zin: Getting to the bottom of the Zinfandel enigma

17-12-2009 | Category: USA Tastings Matching Red only White only Zinfandel

Bold, spicy and all-American? Or over-alcoholic, overblown and over here? Louis Villard enlists the help of a team of sommeliers, and takes advice from San Franciscans, to get to the bottom of the Zinfandel enigma

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