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Exceptional casks

27-10-2014 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Rum & Cachaca Tastings News

Berry Bros & Rudd releases some very special spirits

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Old Spiced

11-06-2014 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings News

The new, more mature, Rumbullion! spiced rum

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Naval gazing

01-09-2013 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings News

Powerful, strong and distinctive, Navy-style rums are as uncompromising as a bosun’s fist. As more of them muscle their way onto back bars, Clinton Cawood climbs aboard to look at the spirits that put the hip, mate into shipmate

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Tasting Room

05-04-2013 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Rum & Cachaca Tastings Opinions Wines News

Drinks we've tried recently that made the grade: young blood from South Africa, Texan whisky, and the most expensive rum in the world

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Angostura's Legacy

04-04-2013 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings News

A steal at $25,000 per decanter

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Tasting and Matching: Rum and Chocolate

01-03-2013 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings Matching

Top rum and great chocolate. What better way to make the most of that under-exploited after dinner moment?

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All That Glitters

01-07-2011 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings

That golden rum in your speed rail – it’s as good as gold coins in your till. An Imbibe panel put 11 examples through their paces so that you, too, can cash in. ker-ching! says Clinton Cawood

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Imbibe Ice Awards 2010: Rum

11-02-2010 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Competitions Imbibe Ice Awards 2010

Welcome to our third Imbibe Club Elite awards…

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Still Life: Dave Broom loses his sense of smell... and discovers a fresh taste perspective

22-01-2010 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Rum & Cachaca Tea Tastings Opinions

Being struck by illness and subsequently deprived of your tasting senses for a few days can turn out to be a blessing in disguise, as an enlightened Dave Broom discovers.

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Clear winners: A look at the range of white rums on offer in the UK

20-01-2010 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings

It used to be a one-horse race, but the white rum category has lately seen the arrival of a number of new contenders from the Caribbean and beyond. Clinton Cawood assembled a panel of rum-hungry bartenders to study the runners and riders

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Rum's the word: Tasting Central and South American Rums

04-01-2010 | Category: South America Rum & Cachaca Tastings

The Caribbean may be the best-known among the rum producing regions, but producers from Central and South America are now helping to draw rum lovers’ attention to a whole new part of the map. Imbibe assembled a team of tasters to sample a selection with the help of rum guru Ian Burrell. Clinton Cawood reports

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Syrup seems to be the hardest word: Our panel taste tests the oft-overlooked ingredient

17-12-2009 | Category: Gin Rum & Cachaca Purées & syrups Tastings Matching Bourbon

All too often an afterthought, syrups have a huge impact on a cocktail’s appearance and its taste. Clinton Cawood joins a team of bartenders for a look at the sweeter side

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