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01-05-2011 | Category: Spain Red only Sommelier Wine Awards 2011

Some great-value wines on the Gold List together with a few top-end ones, too. With more controlled oak use, in future years this is a category that could really fly

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New from Iberia

23-03-2011 | Category: Spain Wines News

Iberica Food and Culture has listed 28 wines not previously available outside Spain.

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The death of decanting?

11-01-2011 | Category: Spain Wines News

A 'revolutionary' new bottle reportedly stops wine sediment from being poured into the glass.

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Diversity Challenge: Navarra

01-01-2011 | Category: Spain Tastings Wines

From lusciously sweet to bone dry, from indigenous to international varietals and from whites through rosés to reds, the region of Navarra has the lot. Richard Woodard follows a group of Hotel du Vin sommeliers as they try to make sense of it all

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Five-star world beer

06-12-2010 | Category: Beers Spain News

Spanish beer Mahou 5 Estrellas is now available exclusively to the on-trade in the UK.

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Distribution deal for Bodegas Chivite

25-11-2010 | Category: Spain Wines News

The Navarran wine dynasty has signed a new on-trade distribution agreement for the London area with Wine Studio.

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Cava in the mix

13-07-2010 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Spain Sparkling News

Freixenet has launched its latest summer on-trade promotional initiative: Mix With Freixenet.

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Psychic sommeliers predict World Cup outcome

12-07-2010 | Category: Spain Wines News

Who needs a clairvoyant octopus? A panel of sommeliers accurately predicted a Spanish triumph in this year's World Cup.

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Copa Jerez

17-06-2010 | Category: Spain Competitions Sherry

Copa Jerez aims to demonstrate Sherry's tremendous versatility as a wine to pair with food.

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Basque findings

11-06-2010 | Category: Spain Tastings Events Wines

A brief lesson in Spain's lesser-known wine growing regions

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Fine wine pricing itself out

29-04-2010 | Category: Spain Bordeaux Wines News

Top Bordeaux wines are in danger of falling off restaurant wine lists because of high prices according to Texture owner Xavier Rousset.

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The emperor's new cabernet - Spanish Pagos

01-03-2010 | Category: Spain Opinions Red only

Many comments have been made about Spain’s new premium single-estate Pago wines. Could they be the country’s answer to grand cru, or are they mere marketing hype to fleece the unwary? Sarah McCleery puts Spain’s hot properties under the spotlight

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Spain on the spot: Pago wine tasting

11-02-2010 | Category: Spain Tastings Wines

Pago wines are making a big noise in Spain, and commanding big prices. But can they deliver where it matters – in the glass? Imbibe gathered together a panel of tasters, and a line-up of some of the country’s best-known estate wines to find out

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I like big butts: The finest Sherry cocktails

11-02-2010 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Spain Opinions Sherry

The bartenders of old were fully aware of sherry’s huge potential as a cocktail ingredient. Time, says Naren Young, that you let Jerez’s finest shake its bounty once again

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Sommelier Wine Awards 2009: Rest of Spain

02-02-2010 | Category: Spain Wines Sommelier Wine Awards 2009

Not quite so staggering as last year, with some tasters bemoaning a lack of ‘Spanishness’, but still some excellent wines at competitive prices

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