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Degrees of separation

01-01-2013 | Category: Tastings Sparkling Champagne

We know that serving fizz chilled is crucial but is there an optimum temperature and can a few degrees either side make that much difference? Julie Sheppard heads to Champagne to find out

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Lacking in fizz

18-12-2012 | Category: Sparkling News Champagne

Champagne sales to stay flat

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Ateliers Ruinart: Promotion

16-10-2012 | Category: Events People Sparkling Champagne

The champagne house's new training programme to bring together the UK's top sommeliers

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The end of 2012 is Nye

10-10-2012 | Category: England Sparkling News

English winemaker announces decision not to make wine from the 2012 harvest

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Champagne Day 2012

08-10-2012 | Category: Sparkling News Champagne

Get ready to pop some corks

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French fizz to the people

02-10-2012 | Category: Sparkling News Champagne Venues

The Anthologist teams up with French Bubbles

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Nyetimber's sweet side

01-10-2012 | Category: England Sparkling News

The West Sussex winery launches demi-sec

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A grand old time

20-09-2012 | Category: Matching Sparkling News Champagne

Moët & Chandon launches 2004 Grand Vintage

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Giraud goes outside

28-08-2012 | Category: Sparkling Venues

Champagne Henri Giraud opens its first branded bar in the UK

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Lynch mob

20-08-2012 | Category: Sparkling News Champagne

Iconic director and artist David Lynch gives Dom Pérignon’s bottles a makeover

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Fast food and fizz

17-08-2012 | Category: Business Sparkling News Venues

Grower champagne and gourmet hotdog joint to open in Fitzrovia

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Screw-top fizz

25-07-2012 | Category: Sparkling Australia News

Easy to open and resealable sparkling wine

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Rolling back the years

14-06-2012 | Category: Sparkling News Champagne

The best of Roederer and Cristal from the past thirty years

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Champagne shapers of minds

11-06-2012 | Category: Sparkling News Champagne

The search for the best champagne educators

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The big pink

07-06-2012 | Category: France Sparkling News

Armand de Brignac Champagne produces the largest bottle of rosé champagne in existence

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