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Naval gazing

01-09-2013 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings News

Powerful, strong and distinctive, Navy-style rums are as uncompromising as a bosun’s fist. As more of them muscle their way onto back bars, Clinton Cawood climbs aboard to look at the spirits that put the hip, mate into shipmate

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Tasting & matching: NAS whisky

01-09-2013 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Tastings News

A new generation of single malts are increasingly coy about revealing just how old they really are. Clinton Cawood gathers some tasters to examine a line-up of non-age-statement whiskies for wrinkles

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It's in the post

21-08-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails England Tastings Service News

Expand your tasting horizons by mail order

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Feeling shady

30-05-2013 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Tastings Scotland

The Macallan releases four whiskies determined by colour rather than age

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Tasting Room

24-05-2013 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Tastings Scotland News Japan South Africa

A vast array of whisky and wine this week

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Cuppa with a twist

13-05-2013 | Category: England Cocktails Tastings Scotland Liqueurs

Tea time is getting a little boozy

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Down Mexico Way

01-05-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings Opinions News Mexico

Oaxaca’s smoky spirit is making some serious in-roads in the UK bar scene. An Imbibe panel threw on their ponchos and went out to see what the category has to offer. Clinton Cawood joined them

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Tasting Room

05-04-2013 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Rum & Cachaca Tastings Opinions Wines News

Drinks we've tried recently that made the grade: young blood from South Africa, Texan whisky, and the most expensive rum in the world

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Angostura's Legacy

04-04-2013 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings News

A steal at $25,000 per decanter

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Age shall not wither them

26-03-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings

Do antique spirits offer a useful window on a bygone era - or are they just plain past it? Alice Lascelles sets off on a bibulous version of the Antiques Roadshow in search of some answers

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Tasting and Matching: Rum and Chocolate

01-03-2013 | Category: Rum & Cachaca Tastings Matching

Top rum and great chocolate. What better way to make the most of that under-exploited after dinner moment?

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In the shaker: An ode to the Piña Colada

01-03-2013 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings Opinions

A frivolity, a wild moment of abandon. Let’s not ruin that for people, says Marcis Dzelzainis

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Pisco a-go-go

08-11-2012 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Chile Tastings News

An afternoon of Chilean spirit

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