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Tasting & Matching: Minervois

25-06-2012 | Category: Tastings

Characterful, food-friendly and great value for money, this tasting of Minervois wines had our tasters cooing with pleasure. Clinton Cawood takes note as the plaudits roll in

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The results are in!

23-05-2012 | Category: Tastings Competitions Wines

Almost 2,000 bottles later, the winners of the Sommelier Wine Awards 2012 have been announced

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It's show time...

08-05-2012 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails England Tastings Events Wines News

The return of the London International Wine Fair and Distil

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Sommeliers on tour

03-05-2012 | Category: France Tastings People Wines

Andrew Catchpole joins a team of top UK sommeliers on a mission to see if Beaujolais can stand up to recent hype

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Tasting & Matching: Blended Scotch Whiskey

01-05-2012 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey Tastings Matching

You’ll rarely find a back bar without at least one blended whisky on its shelves – so why is so little care and attention paid to choosing the right one? Clinton Cawood redresses the balance with the help of a panel featuring some of Leeds’ best bartenders

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Tasting & Matching: New World Syrah

01-05-2012 | Category: Tastings Matching Opinions Wines

Cool-climate Syrah is in, and here to stay. Waving ‘No More Jam’ placards, our panel of sommeliers tasted a selection of what the New World has to offer, while Clinton Cawood took notes

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Tasting & Matching: Sing a song of Cider

01-05-2012 | Category: Tastings Matching Ciders

With more than its fair share of launches over the last 12 months, the cider category is in rude health. Nigel Huddleston and a team of tasters put a motley range of new kids on the block to the test

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Come Wine With Me: May-June

01-05-2012 | Category: Tastings Matching Wines

The second in our food and wine matching series sees John E Fells & Sons putting a range of wines to the test with a group of hungry sommeliers. Chris losh hopes that the chef’s turkey drummers turn out ok…

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March/April 2012

01-03-2012 | Category: Tastings Matching Competitions Events News

Issue index page

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Come Wine With Me: Alliance Wine

01-03-2012 | Category: Tastings Matching Wines

Our new food and wine matching series kicks off with Alliance Wine unveiling a succession of hopeful food wines to a group of eager sommeliers. Spit bucket, camera, action! says Chris Losh

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Pisco Inferno

01-03-2012 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings

From young and clear to aged and amber, taking in weird infusions on the way, South America’s answer to grappa has been slow to make its presence felt elsewhere. well, now the UK’s bartenders had better get ready to boogie, says Henrietta Clancy

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L'Autre Cabernet

01-03-2012 | Category: France Tastings Red only

Loire Cabernet Franc can be elegant, well-priced and food-friendly. Clinton Cawood calls together an Imbibe panel to see whether the grape can stand on its own two feet and achieve the same success as its big brother cabernet Sauvignon

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Beer Guerilla: Bringing the bling to your brew

01-03-2012 | Category: Beers Tastings

The glitz and the glamour of the beer world is on display, as Will Beckett heads to the Playboy Club for, er, research...

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