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Sommelier Wine Awards 2011

01-05-2011 | Category: Wines Sommelier Wine Awards 2011

Where did the last five years go? It seems like only last year that we were judging the first ever Sommelier Wine Awards. In fact, we started back in 2007.

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01-05-2011 | Category: Sommelier Wine Awards 2011

Our esteemed panel of sommelier judges

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Red, Gold & Green: Aperitifs and Bitters

01-03-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Other mixers & soft drinks Tastings

Bitter, sweet, spicy, herbal... Europe is home to a fascinating array of aperitifs, digestifs and herbal liqueurs that are full of potential for the adventurous mixologist. Alice Lascelles assembled a panel to taste some contenders ranging from 400-year-old elixirs to newcomers hot off the still

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The Sleekest Pink: Rose Champagne

01-03-2011 | Category: Tastings Sparkling Rosé only

Yes, it’s chic. And yes, it’s elegant. But its higher price means that if you want to sell rosé champagne during an economic downturn, you’re going to have to work harder than ever. Natasha Hughes reports

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Red, white, I haven't a clue

01-03-2011 | Category: Tastings Events Wines

When staff wine knowledge amounts to little more than an awareness that it comes in three colours, you’ve got a problem. Henrietta Clancy goes back to school for a course that aims to inspire confidence in the uninitiated

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Tasting Touriga and more

22-02-2011 | Category: Tastings Wines Portugal

As Portuguese wines sales to the UK double in value, don’t miss the Annual Tasting of Portuguese Wines next week in London.

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France in one place

21-02-2011 | Category: France Tastings Wines News

The tenth annual France Under One Roof tasting will be held on 9 March 2011.

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Koshu on the menu

27-01-2011 | Category: Tastings Matching Opinions Events Wines Japan

For years Koshu was overlooked in Japan as a fruit worthy only of table grape status; finally it's being given the attention it deserves

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Top Marks: Australian Wines

01-01-2011 | Category: Tastings Wines

Get to grips with the new A+ Australian Wine initiative at this year’s Annual Trade Tasting. There have never been more reasons to visit.

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Flor and Order: Tasting and Matching Sherry with Food

01-01-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings Matching

An extreme matching challenge proves that sherry really is the best food wine on the planet. Surely it’s time restaurants woke up to the fact, says an impressed Chris Losh

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The Lost Boys: Tasting

01-01-2011 | Category: Europe Tastings Wines

There’s a whole world of wine that seldom makes it onto wine lists in the UK. Clinton Cawood rounds up a team of sommeliers for a trip to Neverland

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A Pinot by Any Other Name: German Pinot

01-01-2011 | Category: Germany Tastings Wines

There’s far more to Germany than Riesling, you know. Richard Woodard gets to grips with the Burgunder trio of Grau, Weiss and Spät, and wonders whether the locals might have got the emphasis slightly wrong…

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Tequila & Terroir

01-01-2011 | Category: Tequila Tastings

A growing number of tequila brands are making a point of their regionality, but is there an actual difference in flavour from highland to valley? Clinton Cawood and an expert panel wade through a truckload of blanco tequilas to separate the hype from reality

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Lap of Luxury: Belvedere

01-01-2011 | Category: Vodka Tastings

Luxury vodka brand Belvedere came up with the ultimate prize for its recent contest: a $100,000 global ambassador role. No wonder the London semi-finals were so exciting

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Diversity Challenge: Navarra

01-01-2011 | Category: Spain Tastings Wines

From lusciously sweet to bone dry, from indigenous to international varietals and from whites through rosés to reds, the region of Navarra has the lot. Richard Woodard follows a group of Hotel du Vin sommeliers as they try to make sense of it all

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