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Come Wine With Me: Leader Board

01-03-2012 | Category: Tastings Wines

The leader board

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Beer Guerilla: Bringing the bling to your brew

01-03-2012 | Category: Beers Tastings

The glitz and the glamour of the beer world is on display, as Will Beckett heads to the Playboy Club for, er, research...

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Pick a style, any style

01-03-2012 | Category: Gin Tastings

Since gin regained its cool, not all that long ago, the new launches have been relentless, as has the emergence of new styles within the category. Clinton Cawood joins a panel of bartenders to try to make sense of it all

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Pisco Inferno

01-03-2012 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings

From young and clear to aged and amber, taking in weird infusions on the way, South America’s answer to grappa has been slow to make its presence felt elsewhere. well, now the UK’s bartenders had better get ready to boogie, says Henrietta Clancy

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Hip to Sip

01-01-2012 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails France Tastings Matching

There’s a battle going on for premium position on the digestif trolley, and it’s one that doesn’t favour the little guy. Our panellists strike a blow for the underdog with a flight of 15- to 20-year-old Armagnacs. Clinton Cawood report

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Tasting & matching: New World Sparkling

01-01-2012 | Category: Tastings Opinions Sparkling

With most Brits firmly off splurging and back to counting the pennies, there has probably never been a better time to consider adding some extra New World fizz to your list. Andrew Catchpole joins a panel of sommeliers to see what’s on offer and work out how you could sell it

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Tapas in Bars: The bites are right

01-01-2012 | Category: Tastings Matching

Tapas-style cuisine is taking off across the UK, and it’s no longer limited to restaurants. James Wilmore talks to the bars and pubs who are finding that sharing plates makes business sense

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Discover the Origin 2012

01-11-2011 | Category: Tastings Wines

Get involved with an exciting campaign to promote authentic Protected Designation of Origin food and drink, as Discover the Origin returns for 2012. A series of free masterclasses will focus on world renowned Ports and the iconic wines of Burgundy and the Douro Valley

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A Sidecar Named Desire

01-11-2011 | Category: Tastings

There’s no shortage of classic cognac cocktails – but which brands and styles work best? Andrew Catchpole joins a bevy of tasters as they go in search of mixing heaven

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Red Heat

01-11-2011 | Category: Tastings Wines New Zealand

In New Zealand’s warmer North Island, there is a growing feeling that the best reds are being made not with Cabernet and Merlot, but Syrah. Rebecca Gibb heads to Hawke’s Bay and discovers a battle between winemaking idealism and hard-nosed pragmatism

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Fuel for thought

01-11-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails Tastings

Grappa, so the old gag went, came in two styles: leaded and unleaded. But a revival of the artisanal distillery scene has turned this into a high-class – and hugely varied – category. Cin cin! says Norman Miller

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Biodynamics descend on London

24-10-2011 | Category: France Tastings Wines News

The UK's biggest dedicated tasting of biodynamic wines

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A tale of two tastings

13-09-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails England Tastings Events Wines

Bibendum to host events timed to fit in with sommeliers' schedules

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Wine List of the Year 2011

05-09-2011 | Category: Tastings Competitions Events

With the shortlist of hopefuls drawn up, Chris Losh sat in as the judges deliberated over the winners of the 2011 Louis Roederer Wine List of the Year

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Absinthe: The Mighty Louche

01-09-2011 | Category: Cocktails Tastings Matching

Another day, another new absinthe brand...After years of promising to be the next big thing, absinthe’s time may have arrived. Clinton Cawood gathers a high-alcohol-tolerance panel to put a dozen to the test

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