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Simple serve

17-04-2015 | Category: Tonic water News

BTW launches ready-to-use tonic water

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Bittersweet, syrupy

01-05-2014 | Category: England Tonic water News

Tonic water goes small batch, and concentrated

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Gin Smash and grab

12-03-2014 | Category: England Gin Tonic water Events News

Martin Miller's garnish event gets hijacked

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Blush gin

16-07-2013 | Category: England Tonic water News

Two new tonics from Bottlegreen

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Top of the Tree

13-06-2013 | Category: England Tonic water News

Fever-Tree goes floral

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Gin the mix... tasting tonics

01-05-2010 | Category: Tonic water Tastings

Gin has always attracted the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to making a G&T. Time to put its ‘straight man’ partner to the test, says Dan Priseman, as he lines up a range of tonics, calls in some top barmen and makes with the bottle-opener...

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Luxury tonic launches in UK

04-02-2010 | Category: Tonic water News

We previewed it early last year after a tip-off from the US, and now Q Tonic is finally getting its official UK launch. Its key selling point is its all-natural ingredients which include quinine from chinchona bark that’s hand-picked in the Peruvian Andes, and a sweetness that solely comes from organic agave nectar…

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Cocktail lab: Tony Conigliaro shows four young bartenders some high-tech tricks

13-01-2010 | Category: England Vodka Whisky / Whiskey Cocktails Tonic water Purées & syrups People Business Liqueurs

What makes Tony Conigliaro’s cocktails tick? Alice Lascelles took a group of inquisitive bartenders, armed with ideas, to his new cocktail lab to find out...

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