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Bought in the USA

18-06-2014 | Category: USA Tastings Matching Opinions News

Do you want to know what trends are setting the pace Stateside? From dive bars to wine bars, our man Naren Young picks five key trends from the land of the free

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Born in the USA

16-05-2013 | Category: USA Matching Cabernet Sauvignon

You've heard about the affinity between regional wine and food. So what about Napa Cabernets and burgers?

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The tao of Zin: Getting to the bottom of the Zinfandel enigma

17-12-2009 | Category: USA Tastings Matching Red only White only Zinfandel

Bold, spicy and all-American? Or over-alcoholic, overblown and over here? Louis Villard enlists the help of a team of sommeliers, and takes advice from San Franciscans, to get to the bottom of the Zinfandel enigma

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The great Zinfandel food match challenge

02-12-2009 | Category: USA Matching Zinfandel

Take five sommeliers, a few classy bottles of Zinfandel and a bunch of gutsy Californian dishes and here’s what we learned…

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