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Sparkling Schramsberg scholarships

15-04-2011 | Category: USA Wines News

Want to know more about making fizz? Then apply for one of Camp Schramsberg’s scholarships for its ‘spring blending’ session in mid-March 2012.

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Small batch Sierra for UK

12-04-2011 | Category: Beers USA News

Vertical Drinks has secured a small batch of Sierra Nevada’s limited-release Hoptimum IPA.

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Napa cool on climate change

18-02-2011 | Category: USA Wines News

Climate change could make the Napa Valley cooler over time, according to a new in-depth study of the subject.

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Absolut innovation

16-02-2011 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails USA News

Next time you’re in the US check out the latest launch from Absolut – Absolut Wild Tea.

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Wine and dine country

15-11-2010 | Category: USA Business Wines News

The small Napa Valley town of Yountville is claiming the highest per capita concentration of Michelin stars on the planet.

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US/UK fusion from Thornbridge

18-08-2010 | Category: Beers England USA News

This Derbyshire brewer has released the fruits of its latest collaboration with an American craft brewer.

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A parting shot

17-05-2010 | Category: Whisky / Whiskey USA News

All Star Lanes has launched what must surely be the most in-depth American whiskey menu in the country.

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Prime Location

12-05-2010 | Category: USA Bourbon Venues

Mayfair gets a bourbon bar and steakhouse

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RIP Fess Parker

24-03-2010 | Category: USA Wines News

Fess Parker, winemaker and Davy Crockett TV actor, has died at his home in California at the age of 85.

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Moths invade Napa Valley

16-03-2010 | Category: USA Wines News

Vineyard owners across California are on their guard after a potentially devastating moth was found at several sites in the Napa Valley.

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I wanta beer from America: US craft beer

11-02-2010 | Category: Beers USA Opinions

With pronounceable names, eye-catching packaging and, of course, great liquid, the American craft brewers are threatening to do to the UK beer market what the Australians did to wine. God Bless Uncle Sam, says Nigel Huddleston

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Bourgogne in the USA: Oregon's Pinot Noirs

11-02-2010 | Category: USA Opinions Red only

The Pinot Noirs from Oregon’s marginal Willamette Valley are elegant and complex. And pricey. Natasha Hughes finds out whether sommeliers view the wines as a point of difference, or just an expensive indulgence

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The Eagle is Stranded: Firing up the imagination of America's sommeliers

10-02-2010 | Category: USA Opinions Wines

California’s icon wines have never cut much ice on this side of the Atlantic, and now American sommeliers, too, are increasingly finding other ways to add excitement to their lists. Larry Walker reports on the victory for balance, terroir and the little guy

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Sommelier Wine Awards 2009: New World - Chenin Blanc

03-02-2010 | Category: USA White only New Zealand South Africa Chenin Blanc Sommelier Wine Awards 2009

Solid, rather than great wines, and a return to dominance for South Africa

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Honey, I Shrunk the Distillery: Micro-distillers

26-01-2010 | Category: Spirits & Cocktails USA Opinions

Micro-distillers, artisan outfits, whatever you like to call them, it’s the little guys who are making some of the most interesting stuff in spirits right now, says Larry Walker

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