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Reply to I can't find enough of that (right) wonderful duff…my beer…

No question that you've got to diversify on that beer selection – a man can't live on Sol and Peroni alone. Not when there are so many great imported beers to choose from.

Maybe give customers a recommendation for certain types of sharing platters – a good mexican beer (not that watery stuff), like Pacifico or even Negro Modelo with Mexican sharing food, for example. There are a number of bars that are doing it right when it comes to beer… best thing is to pay a visit to one of them – it's a good excuse to try a few new beers as well.

I agree with you about Sierra Nevada, and there's more good US craft stuff where that came from. Don't forget your local beers though – there's some good craft stuff happening right here. Definitely worth getting a cask or two of that. More

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Reply to How do you get customers to try new cocktails on your list?

You've got to give them the confidence to try something new… if the safe drink they have is good, they'll be more likely to trust you with something new.

And you don't still have that mojito on your list, do you? If someone wants one they'll order it anyway, but don't encourage them. More

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