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Reply to How do you get customers to try new cocktails on your list?

I agree with Lotta Bottle. For starters, focus on your team. Show them the new cocktails, promote taste panels and give them “one-liners” to describe / upsell those cocktails. Secondly, run incentives. Believe me, when you offer prizes to reward sales of a specific product (mainly if the prizes are good), your team will jump on it!

Thirdly, I think of a menu more like a strategic tool rather than a list of what's available in our bars. We are running a thematic bar in South Bank (The Gillray's Gin & Cocktail Bar) and we decided to display on the menu those cocktails created according to our concept leaving out the classics (like mojitos or cosmos). It was a bold move (rather scary to be honest) but it paid off. The first reaction when our customers go through our menu is to look up to the team and ask: “what would you recommend?”. Bang! That's when our team comes in with “one-liners” related to what we want to upsell. It works. We've seen a healthy growth on the sales of our signature cocktails (most of which comprised by molecular cocktails). People still order mojitos and cosmos but somehow, I seem to be ordering less bags of mint recently… More

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