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New thread: Electronic cigarettes in bars and pubs!

Vaepe are proud to announce that we are attending this years IMBIBE exhibition and will offer the pubs & bars as well as casinos and nightclubs one of the most high quality premium products existing in the whole industry. We believe that the correct environment for our products is where the people enjoy their afterwork or celebrate their free time with some good food or drinks etc and we also know that many people searching for alternatives for the existing bad tobacco products providing more than 4000 different tars into their lungs as well as to all people around them and we thought this could be a great opportunity for us to show you all that there actually already exists really high quality, lab tested and full compliant products designed as nice assessors created to for fill cravings and habit and also as the most important issue = as an much more healthier alternative to addictive unhealthy tobacco products!

Please come and visit us and have a try out break in our lounge at H94 More

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