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Message for Chris Losh – its taken me ages to try and figure out how to leave a message. Not very computer literate. Great article “Sherry off the radar” which I foundwhen I was searching the internt for information about sherry and fortified wine. I have a tiny cheese shop in Barcelona and a head full of ideas about sherry with cheese! You seem to confirm my ideas (and my friends)that its a beautiful product but drunk by few. Wine shops here store their sherry (if they have any) and fortified wines on the bottom shelf. Actually visited a well-known wine store here last week and explained I wanted to learn about sherry and they recommended amontillado Quo Vadis (Rodriguez Lacave (Delgado Zuleta) which didnt strike me as a “beginners introduction” good though it may be. My aim is to have a tiny list of sherry-fortified wine (e.g. 2 Manzanillas, 2 Finos, etc etc) that I have tasted, and that I like. Tiny producers would be a dream too? Or maybe I should just shelf the idea? Any guidance you can give me would be great before and/or I jump on a train to Jerez. Selling sherry to the Spaniards and more so Catalans is quite a challenge me not being El Bulli nor having a bank account to be able to order cases of Palo Cortado. Main problem is I dont know where to start? Katherine (

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