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Hi there.
Bottlegreen do some fantastic and tasty cordials to go well with various puree's and juices. You can get them from mainly all good suppliers and they look decent too rather then a cheap plastic bottle. Have a play around and see what you can come up with. Just remember, less is sometimes a little more.
All the best. More

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Reply to After dinner drinks – great margin but dropping sales

Hello there,
The perfect pre-dinner drink woul have to be the Vodka Martini or even a Gin Martini (Gibson) or even a nicely balanced Champagne cocktail. Be careful when making the Martini's has its an art form like any dedicated mixologist will tell you.
For after dinner may I suggest some sort of rich creamy cocktail like a Brandy Alexander. Or in the same sort of cocktail family like a Pink Squirrel or a Grasshopper pending on the customers taste prefernce.
These should get you started. Any questions on the quantities, I will gladly be willing to help you.
Enjoy and drink responsibly.
Paul More

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Hi there,

Im pretty new to this site so only just saw this post.
May I suggest you look into Jack Cains gin and also Babicka vodka. These are new products that up and coming in the market. I was fortunate to be invited to there presentations. May I suggest also an old favourite of mine which is Patron tequila. Its awesome. If would love to know more add me on Facebook and I'll help you along and send you some links. You can find me via I will look forward to hearing from you.

Paul More

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