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Reply to I can't find enough of that (right) wonderful duff…my beer…

2 words…Meantime Brewery!

Classy & Tasty. Pilsners through to Chocolate Beer to Stout. Check out their website, nip down your local Tescos/Sainsburys and buy a couple of Bottles. Quality beer from London.

Sierra Nevada is a good shout. Alhambra, Coopers Sparkling, Belgian Beers are all worth a look. Plus i've also got to plug my favvy, Sharps Doom Bar from cornwall. Cask or Bottle. Awesome!

Cheers More

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Reply to How do you get customers to try new cocktails on your list?

I agree 100% with Lotta Bottle. If your staff can't sell a new Cocktail then you're never going to get anywhere. Your staff need to have the confidence to chat & recommend. Conquer this and you're on to a winner.

However there is another trick that i've adopted. It does mean giving the odd freebie out here and there but the results have spoken for themselves.

In quiet times, get chatting to a few of your customers…preferably a group of them. Be it regulars or complete strangers. Strangers work well as you'll immediately make new friends!

Make up a couple of your new cocktails. Stick a few straws in them & let the customer try it. If they like it, they'll buy it. If the don't like it, then maybe it shouldn't be on your list.

Never failed for me. For the sake of a couple of quid, you'll have made new friends, hopefully gained some repeat custom and more importantly got your new creations out there. Job done. More

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Reply to Non-alcoholic cocktail alternatives

If Mojito's go down well in your bar, then why not add some juice or fruit purees. They don't have to be sweet and would be great on a Cocktail list. Like Pressed Apple juice or Passion Fruit Puree. 25ml to 50ml in a 14oz Cocktail Glass works a treat.

Sorry, but keeping on the whole Frut juice theme have you tried alternative juices? James White Pear, Rubicon Lychee or Mango?? On their own they're a great hit on any list. I used to get through a good 12 litres of Lychee juice a week in my old place. Neat, with Gin or as a Lychee Mojito (with or with out the rum). More

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