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Hi Natasha

We have launched a very adult beverage Oliviva Olive Leaf tea

It has a wonderful fresh grapefruit notes when lightly steeped and when steeped longer the flavour moves onto aromatic bitters! A little like Pink Gin without the gin!
Also delicious cold with a slice of lime or lemon

Look out for the next Imbibe edition there is an editorial write up. Trade enquiries welcome. More

Board: Cocktails, Spirits, Beers & Soft Drinks | 05-03-2013 | Read the thread

New thread: Pink Gin & No Gin!!

You just have to be kidding, no really, grapefruit flavours to start you off then let it steep some more, what?

The new intense finely tuned flavours of olive leaf tea (oops, infusion, tisane or whatever), you just got to give it a go see More

Board: Cocktails, Spirits, Beers & Soft Drinks | 04-03-2013 | Read the thread

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