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thanks malcolm.

10 months later and i finally get a reply that make some sense and can be backed up.
i knew it had been in the uk for many years, but it was interesting to see how many claim they were the first!

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Hello, sorry combination of misquotes.
The article I believe, as it was 6 months ago, was in May 2011 edition of imbibe.
The claim was north bar started serving erdinger from May 2007 or May 2006. But I'd had it in Alberts, Harrogate the April before in the same year. More

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New thread: Erdinger Uk

North Bar Leeds, claims in a recent article to have been the first in the UK to serve Erdinger in May 2011. But I had this tipple in Alberts Harrogate April 2011. More

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New thread: GH Martell

Page 126 Nov/Dec issue claims that the “New” cuvee Clos du Chateau de Bligny ‘6 cepages’ is a first for Champagne.
But Moutard in Buxeuil has produced this rare blend of all six grapes since 2004, and was awarded IWSC 2006 Silver and IWC 2006 Bronze.
When was Clos de Chateau de Bligny realeased to make it a first?

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