Fernet Branca's 2020 Coin Design Challenge

Closing date: 17 Apr 2020

The Italian herbal spirit is tasking industry professionals with designing the UK's 2020 coin, encapsulating what makes the industry great

Fernet Branca coins were first introduced in 2010 and are carried by a select number of bartenders worldwide. If a bartender presents their coin to another and they don't have one, then they have to buy the drinks.

'Within these uncertain and challenging circumstances, it is important that we pull together to win as an industry, not as competitors,' said Poppy Croft, Hi-Spirits UK Fratelli Branca brand manager. 'Our aim with this design challenge is to inspire, showcase and celebrate the industry's creativity and community. Fernet-Branca has, and will always continue to have, a sense of common belonging and family at the heart of its ethos.’

Coin designs can be submitted through text, photography, drawing or a combination of the three. The top 10 coin submissions will be designed in full, with the trade voting for the winner between 27 April and 3 May.

The winner will be announced on 6 May 2020 and 100 of their coins will be produced.

Submit your design here: fernet-branca.co.uk/2020coin/