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As palates have become even more sophisticated over the ages, new wine pairings for caviar have evolved and the dainty fish eggs are increasingly a canvas for elevated flavours. We look forward to welcoming our sommelier Federico and Mara from Calvisius who will guide us through a pairing of two indulgences…

Calvisano is a typical town located in the middle of the Po Valley in the province of Brescia, an area rich in fresh spring water. The name comes from the Latin Calvisius, an ancient noble Roman and great gourmet. Sought after all over the world, their Caviar is produced in the traditional Russian method called “Malossol”, a word meaning “low salt” and a sign of its premium quality.

When it comes to sustainability, Calvisius has left no stone unturned. Since 1998, sturgeon has been listed by the Washington Convention as species in danger of extinction. Calvisius have been fighting for over 30 years to safeguard this endangered fish species. They were awarded the Certificate Friends of the Sea for the sustainable approach they have in breeding and their entire manufacturing facility is certified “BRC” and “IFS high level”, quite unique in the world of sturgeon breeders and caviar producers.

We invite Members to have a taste of the perfect pairing as we welcome Calvisuis Sales Manager, Mara Ferrari and 67 Pall Mall Sommelier, Federico Moccia, as we lift the lid on the world of caviar.

30g of each Caviar:

Calvisius Tradition Royal
Royal Oscietra
Sevruga Royal
Serving spoon & 12 blinis included

Expertly-chosen wine pairings:

2015 Famille Lieubeau, Château Thébaud,  Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine, France
2016 Andrea Felici Il Cantico della Figura, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Riserva DOCG,  Italy .
2017 Arlewood, Chardonnay, Margaret River, Australia

The following price includes both the Caviar & wine pairings - order here:

£150.00 Delivered to the UK

£160.00 Delivered to EU

To join the online classes, simply click on the link 5 minutes ahead of the Masterclass.