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De Trafford Winery is situated on the beautiful Mont Fleur farm set at the top of a dramatic valley above Stellenbosch, 380m up between the Stellenbosch and Helderberg mountains, right at the end of the Blaauwklip road.

In 1991, quota restrictions were lifted. The winery was registered in time for the 1992 harvest and a new vineyard was planted in 1994 and 1995. Varieties, clones, rootstocks, vine densities and trellis systems were carefully chosen to suit the subtle variations in soil and microclimate. The aim is to produce high quality red wines which convey the personality and uniqueness of this mountain site to the full.

David Trafford, owner & winemaker, qualified as an Architect from the University of Cape Town in 1988 and worked as a full time Architect until 1994. Living in the middle of the vineyard and close to the winery, David and his wife Rita watch over all aspects of the business.

It is a pleasure to welcome David, who will guide Members through the following wines.

Wine Samples (order here):

2017 De Trafford Chenin Blanc
2012 De Trafford Merlot
2014 De Trafford Cabernet Sauvignon
2016 De Trafford Blueprint Syrah
2012 De Trafford Elevation 393
NV De Trafford Straw Wine 3V

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Delivered to EU £90

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