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Legends and myths accompany the moon-like landscape of Falatados and Volax and the famous round granite rocks on the Cycladic island of Tinos. It is said they are the remnants of a mythical battle between gods and giants, that the volakes (large cannonballs) took their shape from the sea, or they came from a shower.

It is in this unusual landscape, dotted with huge granite boulders, on a preserved area of ​​exceptional natural beauty, where Alexandre Avatangelos and Gerard Margeon envisioned the vineyard of T-OINOS almost 20 years ago. This extraordinary project under the meticulous guidance of Stephane Derenoncourt since 2016, ensures the production of elegant, vibrant, fine wines. Originated in a place with a captivating energy they bring together the natural elements: the sea, the wind, the light and the shade, the rock and the vines, in an atmosphere both silent and alive. Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano indigenous varieties, cultivated with extreme precision, bear their ultimate expression of intensity and purity in the Clos Stegasta wines created in this arid environment.

For this session we are delighted to be joined by Master Vigneron and winegrower-consultant, Stéphane Derenoncourt, who provides strategic support to more than 140 wine estates all over the world. He will talk us through his specially selected wines and how he strives to avoid the ‘scientific approach’ by expressing the character and identity of vines as a living substance.

Wine Samples (order here):

2018 T-Oinos, Cyclades, Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko
2017 T-Oinos, Cyclades, Clos Stegasta Rare Assyrtiko
2017 T-Oinos, Cyclades, Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano
2017 T-Oinos, Cyclades, Clos Stegasta Rare Mavrotragano

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