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Founded in 2017, Tillingham is set amongst 70 acres of rolling hills and woodlands with far reaching views along the Tillingham River valley and across to the fortified, hill top town of Rye, East Sussex, to the sea and the Romney salt marshes beyond.

Join co-founder and winemaker, Ben Walgate, for this introduction to this new and ground breaking winemaking estate. Previously CEO of UK’s leading sparkling wine producer, Gusbourne, Ben has had a long career in the wine industry, focussing on production in the UK for the last 10 years.

During this tasting, he will discuss Tillingham’s signature approach to farming, which combines Biodynamics with modern more modern holistic management practices, also known as regenerative agriculture and explore the advantages of low intervention winemaking.

We will cover their three vintages to date, with wines selected that represent both very classical expressions, but also some more ancient approaches including a wine made in Georgian Qvevri.

Wine Samples (order here):

2018 Tillingham, End Grain
2018 Tillingham, Pinot Noir
2019 Tillingham, Pinot Noir
2017 Tillingham, Chardonnay
2018 Tillingham, Chardonnay
2018 Tillingham, Qvevri White

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Delivered to EU £85

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