Ciderdog cider festival


The Miller, 96 Snowsfields, London Bridge, London, SE1 3SS United Kingdom

on 15 July, South London's The Miller Pub will be hosting Britain’s largest free cider festival, Ciderdog. Marking its 5th Birthday this year, the festival will bring together independent producers from all over Britain.

Championing homegrown cider, handpicked by co-founders Charles Ross, Richard Temple and Jamie Hempseed, the line-up will include; Sheppy's, the 200-year old family producers from Somerset; Manchester-based Moss Cider; small-scale Kentish Pip and London Glider who use excess apples from suburban gardens. With an array of styles and flavours from passion fruit and pineapple to hints of chilli and ginger on offer, there will also be unique collaborations especially for the festival including Turners and Ascension with their Lime & Lemongrass.

The Miller will host Ciderdog’s 5th Birthday the follow week on the 15th July, with free entry and all pints for £3.50.