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IHow do multi-unit leaders chart a course through challenging times?

Insights from Disney, academic experts, wellbeing professionals & best practices leading remote meetings & teams.

What lessons can be learnt from the way the operators and leaders of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando managed past crisis’s - from 9/11 to hurricanes? How do world-class leaders react to crisis? What is the mindset that they have and what behaviours and activities do they adopt to help others through a crisis?

> Led by Dan Cockerell, retired Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort, with
over 26 years of experience with the Disney corporation.

What happens to the hospitality industry when the crisis abates? How do we prepare to emerge from hibernation, ready to hit the ground running as effectively as possible?

> Led by Prof. Chris Muller, is the Professor of the Practice, Hospitaltiy, at Boston University. He is a
leading academic expert in the field of multi-unit restaurant brand management, chain restaurant organisation development and growth, and the training of multi-unit managers.

How do we take care of ourselves and others when we don't have all the answers, especially when we may feel vulnerable or scared ourselves? Insights and best practices to help leaders take care of themselves and their teams.

> Led by Mel Crate, Founder; Director of Luminate, an organisation with a single commitment to rewrite the story of mental health in the workplace around the world. Their qualified team offers specialist health and wellbeing training that helps businesses attract, nurture and retain the very best talent.

How do multi-unit leaders make best use of this time? What does this situation make possible, especially with regard to the training and growth of ourselves and our teams? What best practices are
there for facilitating short, virtual team meetings with the team?

> Led by Lee Sheldon & Daniel Mills, co-founders of Mastering Multi-Units. a training and development
consultancy which supports organisations and multi-site managers to embrace the disciplines and
best practices of world-class operators.