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Hospitality staff are the lifeblood of the industry, and the impact of lockdown on them has been dramatic and has the potential to be long lasting. With the vast majority currently on government furlough, the biggest challenges of supporting staff in the return to work and managing job losses, are still to come. This session will examine the potential obstacles facing employers over the coming months, and provide practical tips on how to address and prepare for them.

• Determining the number of staff to have for reopening - Considerations for social distancing, front & back of house, rota planning and costs
• Potential outcomes after the end of the government furlough scheme
• How to keep staff costs down whilst offering fair pay for workers
• How will hospitality roles evolve? Will staff be less specialist and more generalist?
• Will increased hygiene and H&S training mean a loss of product and service training? How to find the balance
• Providing reassurance, motivation, morale and mental health support for returning staff
• Understanding employee/employer rights when returning to work after lockdown

James Dawson, Founder, Humble Grape
Lyndsay Jones, Head of People, The Alchemist
Kat Hounsell, Founding Director, Everyday People
Rishi Malliwal, Partner, SGM Law (moderator)

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