Imbibe Live Online | The role of technology in helping venues maintain social distancing and successfully return to trading


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Restaurants, bars, pubs and other venues are facing significant obstacles to reopening, primarily due to the need to maintain social distancing and strict safety and hygiene requirements. This panel will examine the potential for technology and digital innovations to make social distancing and a contact-free experience in hospitality possible, and help venues get through the initial months after reopening, and beyond.

• Assessing the challenges hospitality business will face after reopening and where technology can help
• How can technology facilitate a ‘contactless’ experience throughout the whole venue – from supplier deliveries to customer service and more
• Will this accelerate a shift to cashless venues?
• Experiences and lessons learned from early uses and tech in other industries
• Ensuring that tech doesn’t isolate customer groups
• How to maintain the human ‘touch’
• Robotic bartenders, automated waiters, and hologram sommeliers – realistic prospects or futuristic gimmicks?

Siobhan Fagan, IT Director, Pizza Express
Emma Lawrence, Operations Manager, Backyard Cinema
Glenn Murphy, General Manager, Cask Pub & Kitchen

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