London Cocktail Week 2020 | Crucible presents: The Lowdown - 26 October


Whisky House at Goods Way, 11 Goodsway, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4DP

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Every Monday in October the Whisky House at Goods Way will be hosting an evening of left field information and unexpected knowledge gems from everyone's favourite flavour scientists, Crucible. We have a super selection of deep dives into the wonderful & sometimes weird world of deliciousness.   

5th Oct - Fermentation with Talisker

Stu Bale from Crucible and Dr Johnny Drain (The Walter White of flavour, ferments and food design), talk about the application of fermentation in drinks and food, both commercially and domestically. Also discussing bacteria, mould and why leaving stuff in jars ’till it goes weird is sometimes a good idea.

12th Oct - Distillation with Tanqueray No. TEN

 Find out what Gin Lane was really like in 1750 as we go back to the future with Marty McFly and that weird old guy with the DeLorean, Nick Strangeway. Talking about distillation in all its forms whilst wrestling with a roto evaporator and potentially each other.

19th Oct - Terroir with Casamigos Tequila

Davide Segat and Stu Bale talk about why Agave spirits taste like where they’re grown and why that’s important. Soil types, altitude, wind, rain and sun as well as weird hippy stuff like the lunar cycle are all involved in the manufacture of tequila, so if you’re a fan of the category and are terrible at keeping houseplants alive then this is one is absolutely for you. 

26th Oct - Taste with Johnnie Walker

Zoe Burgess and Stu Bale discuss the mechanics of taste; how the mouth works, why things taste the way they do, why we are programmed to like certain things and why some people like Marmite and why some people are wrong.


Tables for groups of 2-6 guests will be available to book.. tickets go on sale from 18th Sept 2020!
And if you can’t make it down.. we’ll be streaming live every Monday at 6pm at

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