London Cocktail Week 2020 | Woodford Reserve - Spectacle for the senses


Punch Room, The London EDITION, 10 Berners St, London, W1T 3NP

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Woodford Reserve is more than just a Bourbon, It’s a spectacle. With over 200 flavour notes, it wows your senses, delights your palate, surprises you with every new scent and sensation.

This staggering complexity comes as a result of the Five Sources of Flavour, and is shown on the Woodford Reserve Flavour Wheel. But fear not this London Cocktail Week, Woodford Reserve will explore the role of aroma in flavour perception and how to get the most out of tasting spirits and navigating the Flavour Wheel.

Hosted by our UK Brand Ambassador, Joseph Hall, Woodford Reserve will teach you some tricks using some surprise aroma tools to demonstrate each of Woodford Reserve’s key flavour areas and guide you to understand them using aroma!

Scents will be paired which each section of the flavour wheel, each alongside an accompanying twist on the Old Fashioned cocktail! What’s included in your ticket:

• A welcome Old Fashioned

• Sample of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon

• Five samples of Old Fashioned twists

• Goody bag

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