Red Squirrel 'New Frontiers' portfolio tasting


The Winemakers' Club, 41a FArringdon Road, London, ECA 4AN United Kingdom

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Red Squirrel started in 2012 and is now one of the fastest-growing specialist wine importers in Britain. It specialises in rare, native and alternative grapes, and sources its wines from small, highly creative and fiercely independent producers in Austria, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, South Africa and Australia.

This tasting will feature around 170 wines, from 45 producers. Attendance in person confirmed by:

David Bowley (Vinteloper, Australia)
Arnold Holzer (Eschenhof Holzer, Austria)
Martin Diwald (Bioweingut Diwald, Austria)
Christine Coletta (Okanagan Crush Pad, Canada)  NEW
Brice Jourdan (Château l'Argentier, France)
Jack & Margaret Reckitt (Clos Rocailleux, France)
Alan Gaddis (Tenuta di Angoris, Italy)
Renata Bonacina (Cà ed Balos, Italy)
Valerio Mondo (Franco Mondo, Italy)
Seyit Karagozoglu (Pasaeli, Turkey)
Albert Ahrens (Ahrens Family Wines, South Africa)   NEW
Kevin Swart (Black Elephant Vintners, South Africa)  NEW
Camilo Leite (Boas Quintas, Portugal)
Cornelia Proca (HGA Bodegas, Spain)
David Marques (Azores Wine Company)  NEW

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