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S&OP Manager Italy


About the role

This role is the key integrating level between global functions and local clusters/countries for S&OP. The role sits in the FIG (France, Italy, Greece) cluster and is responsible for S&OP in Italy.

Responsible for developing Demand and Supply Strategy along with an optimized inventory strategy for the Cluster to meet sales and service objectives. Collaboration with other members of the supply chain, sales, marketing, finance and customer support teams is paramount to achieve these sales and service objectives. Developing more integration between departments i.e. Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Through the S&OP process, develop, implement and influence best practices in the disciplines of forecasting and inventory management. Manage continuous improvement of the product supply (Finished goods, Value Added Pack , improved customer service level; faster cycles; reduction of waste. You will work closely with the central Supply Chain team in Geneva and key Cluster stakeholders to ensure progress in these key indicators of success.

You need to ensure plants get full visibility, sales forecast accuracy is improved and that a robust alert process is in place and maintained.

Support and mentor the Cluster Demand Planners in order to ensure continuous improvement regarding tool utilization and data accuracy.

When required interact with customers in order to build a collaborative relationship (VM). The level of this role will make you a part of the Cluster Supply Chain leadership team, making key decisions that will significantly affect your markets and place you in a position of key accountability on many matters.

Create an open environment that encourages people to work together to solve problems and improve practices and services.

Take steps to develop and maintain the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to achieve positive results; participate fully in relevant training programs and actively pursue other opportunities to develop knowledge and skills.

Key accountabilities and responsibilities

  • Ensure that the Marketing & Sales business team reach agreement on Sales Operation and Plan on a monthly and rolling 18 month basis.

  • Engage with Marketing, Sales and customers to continuously update the requirement specifications and improve the Planning and Customer Services processes accordingly.

  • Manage the Demand and Supply Planning processes to ensure that plans are established, monitored and reviewed in order to ensure efficient and timely distribution of products at Cluster and Country level

  • Build visibility between financial target and volume sales plan and support the financial team in the financial cycle.

  • Drive value - ensure process becomes balanced, dynamic and event driven.

  • Ensure cross functional alignment and business ownership at multiple levels

  • Demand shaping to drive an optimized response

  • Resolve short/medium term supply constraints (ex. quality, technical...) to deliver product (Finish goods, Value Added Pack and POS) on the agreed basis

  • Implement and maintain the process to prevent and monitor write-offs including action plans for reduction and control improvement.

  • Support and mentor the country demand planners in order to ensure continuous improvement regarding tool utilization and data accuracy through

o Continuously improving forecasting techniques, method, and approach

o Evolving and maintaining documentation and standard operating procedures for demand planning processes and systems.

o Conduct current and future forecasting analysis, insuring forecasting processes and methods are followed.

o Assemble and analyze all data pertinent to creating the sales forecast (historical sales, market trends, seasonality, promotions, and eventually account POS and inventory levels).

o Establish and utilize best methods (statistical models and software tools) in creating forecasts and respective inventory targets.

o Coordinate promotions activities and projects

  • Participate to the monthly process to review capacity issues with the plants, and ensure projects related to supply improvement are achieved

o Define inventory targets based on changes based on regional guidelines and demand planner input o

o When necessary, support Cluster & Country forecast and inventory planning meetings, reviewing recommended sales forecasts and inventory projections and goals (emphasis on brand transitions, new product introduction, and promotions).

o Have detailed knowledge of manufacturing planning, master production scheduling, product definition, inventory control, capacity requirements planning

  • Develop best practice sharing within the regional planning community by

o Proactively facilitating, re-engineering, best practices

o Develop business reports into Business Intelligence tool

o Monitor SKU levels and define SKU rationalization initiatives

o Monitor excess and obsolete inventory

o Anticipate important or critical events, identifying resource requirements and assigning responsibility for specific work, including deadlines and performance expectations.

o Ensure that staff is aware they will be accountable for achieving the desired results through planned program evaluation and individual performance appraisal.

o Consistently search for methods to develop an agile and committed departmental workforce.

o Control and check errors, taking any corrective action so that deviations from standards are minimized and stated goals of the organization are achieved in a desired manner.

Measures of success

  • S&OP process for Italy

  • Operational Excellence: Drive sustained improvement in product supply, customer service, planning cycles and reduction of waste

  • KPI's, for example:

o Stock Availability - DIOH



  • SOX compliance

  • Great place to work 75%

  • Number of SKU's

  • Write Offs

  • Talent Development: Ensure S&OP team have clear and meaningful development plans in place and actively monitor and advance succession plans

Critical experiences for success

In addition to supply chain/demand planning experience, you will have 3 - 5+ years' experience in S&OP. Alternatively similar length of experience in forecasting or marketing analysis.

Your familiarity and knowledge in advanced planning technology and decision support tools will be well recognised.

Demonstrated use of analytical module to analyze demand and prepare forecasts, preferably in APO, and collaborative problem solving skills.

Good depth of customer and market knowledge / skills

This experience should have been gained in an FMCG environment

Leadership of direct teams and matrix / cross functional leadership - managing / directing others.

Language Skills: Fluent Italian and Fluent/Good English

You may have worked in a plant planning team at one stage of your career and / or central planning function


  • Proficient in supply chain issues within an integrated planning environment

  • Mastery of planning process

  • Mastery of analytical and reasoning abilities

  • Excellent general IT literacy

  • Proficient in Product Innovation and Logistics / Distribution processes

  • Communication: Structures and presents technical data in a clear and logical format.

  • Functional/Technical Skills :

o ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Knows how to navigate through different modules (1) / Easy Navigation through various screens / levels & transactions / Can train new starters on own scope.

o APS (Advanced Planning System): Knows and understand standard transactions (product location) and can modify set-up.

o Reporting Tool: Knows how to run all reports in scope / Get other Reporting Tool exposure and can use as benchmark/make improvement proposals / Use broadcast and Masks functionalities /

Understands background hierarchy/structure of the reports

Office Softwares (MS Office): Has developed skills in at least one or two packages that enable added value for the role with solutions for efficiency or insight

o Project Management (internal & External stakeholders): Proven project leader for complex, large scale projects

o Planning Process e.g. S&OP, Inventory etc: Understands the full operational flow and can propose

S&OP improvements with an appreciation of the impact on the whole organization o

Manufacturing/Operational & Co-packing Processes: Able to challenge Manufacturing constraint / Able to propose efficiency and flexibility improvements / Able to benchmark co-packing activities.

o Market Understanding and Customer Service skills: Has knowledge about customer/retailer processes and behaviour and can propose internal improvements

o International Trade & Tax process, Strip Stamps process (Documentation, ...): Has an in-depth understanding of Incoterms (switch of responsibility, ownership, insurance). o

o Business Financial skills: Able to make some cost analysis including OPEX and CAPEX on a regional scope. Routinely builds in financial considerations for business proposals

o Logistics & Distribution Processes: Basic knowledge about transport planning, paperwork and warehousing (inbound, outbound, storage).

o Product Innovation: Has experience in running projects to bring new products to the market, managing the activities of a variety of parties and Innovap process


Living our Values and demonstrating high Learning Agility will be fundamental not only for success in this role, but also for potential growth to other roles across Bacardi in the future. We have a clearly defined Leadership Excellence framework, and you will be expected, as a senior leader to be a role model of all 6 elements:

Focus Externally to Win:

  • Drives growth through a focus on competitors and market dynamics

  • Thinks globally as well as regionally. Effectively balances global and local insights and implementation.

  • Continually builds knowledge about t

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