Paging Goldilocks

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You know what it’s like. You’re hanging with your homies and get a hankering for some really jazzy-looking top-end fizz, but the 30 litre midas bottle is a little too much, and the 3l jeroboam just ain’t enough. Never fear: Ace of Spades Brut Gold has just launched some new bottle sizes to ensure that it’s always got one that’s just right. There might even be some sizes here that you’ve never heard of. The salamanazar, at 9l, or the rehoboam at 4.5l? There’s a new balthazar (12l) too, bringing the total to nine different gold-clad sizes in what Armand de Brignac is calling its Dynastie range. That’s the equivalent of 109 normal-sized bottles, if you add them all up. Just make sure you don’t serve them too warm. Or too cold, for that matter.

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