Absolut launches new bottle, competition and campaign

Gaëlle Laforest

28 September 2015

There's only two levels for vodka: slow news, or everything at once. Absolut's gone for the latter today, launching its new 'Taste Perfection' brand platform, a cocktail competition and a new bottle design. Deep breath...

The new platform is born out of the growth Absolut has experienced in the on-trade – sales growing almost 15% for Original, and almost 25% for the Flavours range in the year to June 2015. It focuses on inspiring bartenders to give a bit more life to vodka cocktails, with a selection of 12 new twists on classic vodka cocktails devised by brand ambassador Ricardo Dynan.

'Classic cocktails dominate the top 10 cocktails in the UK and we're seeing an exciting revivalist trend, where the future of cocktails lies in the past,' said Adam Boita, head of marketing at Pernod Ricard UK.

He also mentioned that some of the twists fit into the health kick that British drinkers have been on of late, with cocktails using ingredients such as coconut water or beetroot juice.

There's a big campaign to back this up, including plenty of digital activity, as well as a full suite of POS that you can get your hands on by contacting the team.

At the same time, Absolut is launching a new bottle design. It's still resolutely Absolut in style, but with an updated logo and medallion, and the addition of a large A on the back of the bottle. You'll also be happy to know the bottle's lighter than before.

To tie that all in and engage bartenders, the brand's launching a new competition that asks bartenders to come up with the '13th classic' – the 13th cocktail to add to its new range. 'We're asking: What is it that makes yours a classic? The name? The story? The ingredients? Ultimately the taste?' explains Boita.

The winner will get to discover Sweden, Absolut's home, and visit the distillery and its home of Åhus. The competition opens this Friday 2 October, and closes on Sunday 29 November. Click through for more information.

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