Access all areas part 3: Resources to help you improve accessibility in your venue

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

30 November 2020

If you've been inspired by our two other features in our series on making hospitality more accessible for disabled people, here are 5 resources to help

1. AccessAble

This independent access review website provides detailed information about the accessibility of thousands of venues in the UK – get in touch to add your venue to its database.

2. Accessibility Guides

Create and publish your venue’s own accessibility guide for free with this online tool, complete with instructions on how to take measurements and photos that accurately reflect your space’s accessibility.

3. Carrie-Ann Lightley

Accessible travel blogger Carrie-Ann Lightley shares reviews and resources on her website, making it an educational read for any operator. Start with this post on ‘why terms like “fully accessible” don’t help disabled people’.

4. Euan's Guide

A site that allows disabled people and their friends, family and carers to post accessibility reviews of UK venues. Businesses can list themselves too, making their accessibility features easier to find. Euan’s Guide has also created an array of resources for venues, from guide-dog bowls to social media assets.

5. Purple Tuesday

In this programme, participating organisations make specific commitments to improving their accessibility and receive resources that can help them achieve their goals.

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